Tuesday, January 9, 2007

$MM idea - Memory Savers

I have lots of million dollar ideas. I know that someone smarter at business/more interested than me can make these ideas work but I'm just an idea man. If you ever use one of my ideas you should cut me in but I probably can't make you.


Magazine ad: photos of Katrina like flooding with all kinds of flotsam floating by. Tagline: How much would you pay to have Baby's First Photo Album back?

Service to go into your house and scan EVERYTHING. Photos, scrapbooks, important papers while you're at it. If you want you could pay to do all your important films and video.

Put everything on DVD, give the customer two copies, one for them to give to someone offsite.

Of course there would benefit to having some kind of vault to rent space from but who the hell wants that kind of responsibility?

Here's what I think would be funny: We take everything from someone's house. And our office has a flash fire and we lose everything. It would be tough having to tell the customers that all their stuff is lost, especially when I'm biting the inside of my mouth so I won't bust out laughing. If you don't think that's funny you don't deserve to be in my little empty bloghole.