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I am listing this blog in my facebook status. It's not that I have anything particularly interesting to say but I've had it for three years and no one has ever read any of it. Maybe getting some attention will MAKE me interesting. Do you know who I feel sorry for? All the other Charles Zuckers who wanted this domain name but were shut out because I'm using it for this.

A crappy father confesses

My 9 month-old is just on the cusp of getting interesting. That should make me pay attention to her. The truth is, for the first several months a baby is like a useless pet. They can't do anything that a kitten or a puppy or even a gerbil can't do. But now, at 9 months, she's giggling like a hyeana and making all kinds of faces. She is also - and this is important - starting to pay attention to me. I call her name and she looks at me and smiles. This could be the start of a beautiful friendship.

Doing Hard Time

I wonder how prisons discipline prisoners on Death Row. That's what I think of while putting a toddler to bed. I can take away her 2 books, I can take away her tuck, but once she's tucked in I have zero leverage. Can't give her a time-out, can't punish too far into the future ("get back to bed or you're not going to have cake on your birthday!") so if she does something like, say, leaving her room, I'm stumped. I guess this is the place where many parents institute yelling and hitting. It's all starting to make sense.