By the Numbers

I'm old and I have young chldren, a deadly combo

My Life Is Different

Times I was hit on when I wore a wedding ring: 0
Times I’ve been hit on since I lost my wedding ring: 0
REAL WORLD seasons I watched: 13
REAL WORLD seasons I’ve watched since LAS VEGAS: 0
Episodes I've watched this year of American Idol, Survivor, Bachelor, and the Voice: 0
Number phone for personal phone calls in a day: 2
Number of times on personal phone calls other than my wife: 0
Number of times a month awake until 2:00 am: 0
Number of times a week waking up after 2:00am: 5
Number of new albums I buy every year: 1 (Last, Arctic Monkeys)
Number of years in a row I’ve had to skip my birthday hike:  3, maybe 4
Pairs of shoes + pairs of blue jeans: 2
Times a year I take my wife on a date: 8
Times we see a movie: 2
Best picture nominees seen: 1 GRAVITY
Number of rock concerts seen a year:1 (Last: Deborah Harry & Devo)
Number of morning I bring the girls to school each week: 4
Hours I spend daily with my Galaxy Nexus Phone: A RIDICULOUS amount of time.
Last acting credit: 1999
Number of cats as an adult: 3
Number of cats still living : 0
Number of fantasy baseball leagues: 1
Number of years playing fantasy baseball:25 years
Number of nights a week putting the girls to bed: as many as I can.


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