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I had never fired a handgun before yesterday.  After spending an hour at the shooting range I am now an expert on the subject.  Guns are simple yet amazing machines.  And, for most people, I think having a handgun in their home for protection is asisine.

Before you jump down my throat, let me say that I favor common sense gun control i.e. basically, if you're not a lunatic or a criminal you should be allowed to buy a gun.   I don't have the details worked out. I think many interpretations of the 2nd Amendment are specious but I don't think guns should be banned and I don't favor taking the guns out of responsible owners' hands.
But why would you want one in your house?  If you just like them and you like to shoot them, God bless you.  Not my thing, but I can dig it.  But if you have a gun to protect your family it means one thing for sure:  you have imagined yourself face to face with a bad guy, and then you fantasize about killing him (or her) and it makes you feel …