How close did you shave? This close.

I had a goatee until a few minutes ago. Now I'm clean shaven. It's not a question of why did I shave but why did I have facial hair. Because she liked it. I always hated it.  Reclaiming my life, one face at a time.

Today went a little bit better, not too much better.  I still can't believe that she doesn't want to be married to me. And that she hasn't for some time. We probably first went into counseling over 10 years ago, the biggest issue being that I was a slob (let's not hire a maid when we can pay a therapist). So it seems the seeds of discontent were sown long ago.

Guys are given a bad rap. I went willingly to therapy. I couldn't have worked harder on the overall project. I feel cheated.

I really would like to not care who's fault was what and stuff like that and I'm angry that I'm thinking about it. Somebody took exception with me saying she bailed on out marriage. That's my perception. Suck an egg.

I have 2 girls and if they were the only decent thing to come out of our marriage it would have been worth it.

I feel a little like a dullard tonight, maybe I should wait for the Ambien to kick in and then WHO KNOWS what I'll write!


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